IKO will premiere its tournaments next year

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Karate’s historical presence in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was limited to a part of karate that the IOC has legitimized, however, this limited presence led to the general belief that the factors of art and sports in karate must be recognized and taught in harmony with each other and congruous with karate’s essential nature. Karate is full of excitement and aesthetics and if the rules of its games are not set and compiled with skill and prudence, the result will render what was demonstrated in the Tokyo Olympics.

We too, at IKO, believe that karate has the potential for becoming a universal sport in the true sense of the word without losing its unique identity as the most famous and effective martial art sport. We find the beauties of karate in its versatile styles, rooted in the culture and customs of the people of Okinawa and intend to continue to exercise this beautiful martial art by relying on the two elements of art and science of sports and enjoy karate. IKO is the organization that develops the disciplines of Traditional and Contact Karate, which are not developed by the sports Karate division. In parallel, IKO will develop the Extreme Karate (X-Karate) which will consist of its professional Karate League and also the IKO Academy, which will include the Organization’s Educational tool.

Fortunately, the objectives of the IKO, in this short period, have been welcomed by many karate communities in various parts of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and East Asia. IKO also operates its e-karate tournaments through the e-karate games events. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the events with physical presence will be held next year (2022).

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