International Karate Organization

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On August 8, 2021, one day after the only presence of karate in the 2020 Tokyo summer Olympics, through collaboration and brainstorming of a significant number of experienced karate managers, the central nucleus of the IKO was formed with the strategy of regaining karate’s lost identity and its technical and geographical development. We at IKO believe that karate belongs to all karatekas.

We also believe that showcasing the beauties of the art of karate whether in kata or kumite, under the shadow of fundamental education that conforms to philosophical traditions of karate, would not only add to the popularity of karate more than before but we insist that karate should be in sync with the science of sports and remain up to date and attractive. For that matter, with collaboration of our expert partners in e-karate and use of virtual technology and what IKO offers in educational seminars and competition fields, we aim to meet the expectations of both you athletes and coaches.

Maintaining the human dignity of the karatekas from every gender and nationality is our priority and observing the Olympic Charter is also in our agenda to hopefully bring back high spirits and equity to karate. We at IKO believe that only by relying on maintaining human dignity, it would be possible to witness athletes in fair competitions against each other and be proud of their physical and mental health.